Enterprise Security

Enterprise information is a critical asset. Mobile phones, PDA devices, Notebooks, high speed third generation wireless networks has made information access easier for mobile users but same time provides people with malicious intent to target and destroy or pilfering corporate information. Businesses that need to comply with regulatory, statutory, and contractual obligations must protect their corporate information from destruction, theft or misuse.  
  • CADENZA enterprise security solutions protect corporate information through comprehensive management of security components, policies and mitigate adverse impact on confidentiality and availability.
  •  Security Device Management and monitoring covering day-to-day operations, administration and maintenance, signature updates, change management, incident monitoring, alerts, performance and availability, violation of threshold values and policy changes.
  •  Security management and strategy definition
  •  Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis to determine the level to which assets and configuration are in compliance with the security policy and guidelines, and vulnerabilities evident to both external and internal attacks
  •  Security Event and Incident Monitoring based on Log Monitoring and correlation for detection and management of security events/incidents in near real time enabling the organization to respond to security incidents with alacrity and reduce risk of exposure
  •  Content Protection Services (management of gateway, antivirus/anti spam solutions, content filters, etc)
  •  Compliance Management / monitoring, Enterprise Security Risk management, Threat alerts / advisory and Gateway / Mobile Security
Service Delivery Options
Onsite: CADENZA has a dedicated team handling all activities / processes as per laid down guidelines / existing policies of the client organization
Remote: A dedicated team working from CADENZA’s remote service center handling all activities / processes as per client / ITSM standards